Grandma’s special K bars

My Grandma made the BEST special k bars. I know that sounds biased, but it’s a fact. 

I had been craving them for several days and finally took out the recipe, went to Walmart and made a pan. They came out just as I had remembered. I miss her. 


Memory Lane

When I was little and my mom made roast, potatoes and carrots, she would cut up the roast into small pieces then mash the potatoes and carrots and mix it all together. She would top it with butter and I would eat it all. To this day, I still eat my roast, potatoes and carrots that way. My dinner tonight. 

Meal 7: taco pasta 

A new Pinterest recipe! I put the green chili in but after Russia had me taste one, too spicy, he scooped them out. I am super happy with the results.     

Happy St Patrick’s Day dessert 

I also had this as a late night snack-super awesome there is a non-dairy ice cream in the world. Thank you Ben and Jerrys.