I’m with the band

Okay, not really, but at times I felt like it while volunteering at Jammin Java last week. They asked for volunteers to sell merchandise for artists on their Facebook page. I love several artists that frequent Jammin Java, so a win win for me. It also saves Russia from having to listen to artists he does not know.

First night was an acoustic show with Allison  Moorer and Mary Gauthier. It was awesome! I sold for both artists before and during. Mary sold her own merch after the show. So I was selling Allison’s  new CD and attempting to open the CDs as fast as I could so she could sign them. Allison gave me her cd for free at the end!

The second night I sold merch for Toby Lightman. Her shows are always awesome and the other artist was Emerson Hart, lead singer of Tonic. He had zero merch. Odd.

Everyone at Jammin Java are super nice. I feel part of the band when fans ask me what CD is the best to purchase. Hope to volunteer again next month.



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