Foster: Titan


Hello blog world!  I am finally posting about my first official foster, Titan.  I had several temp fosters (24 hours to 4 days) before Titan, but this one I had from shelter to adoption.   Four of us drove to Alexandria, Louisiana in July and picked up 26 dogs.   I took Titan home, a 9 month old hound/rotti mix.  This sweet dog had no idea how to walk on stairs, he wouldn’t walk on a leash and was not potty trained.  Titan was my shadow, he followed me everywhere…he loved to play with toys and Harley and him became fast friends.  He was also great with Ares…let her be most of the time.



Harley taught him to walk up and down the stairs.  He learned to walk on the leash and I potty trained my first dog!  I was a proud proud foster Mom.  I had him for 3 weeks.  He was adopted by a family who adopted a dog from ESP a  year ago.  I am so grateful he went to a home with another dog.






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