Outfit: lost

My blogging mojo is lost. I don’t know where it went and I am not sure if I will find it. Life has gotten in the way. There are not enough hours in the day. I was also out f commission for a good part of May with a sinus infection. I think it was my first one. I was miserable.

I wanted to share my outfit to the world.


Skirt: Anthropologie
Tank: NY & Co
Kimono: H&M

Yes you read that right, a kimono. As I was passing the over door hook to the washer and dryer this morning, I saw my kimono hanging there. I looked at my skirt and looked at the Kimono, by golly the reds matched!! They were made for each other. Also new is my wolf necklace. Russia bought it for me at the Makers Faire in NC. He also cooked a delicious steak, potatoes and asparagus dinner tonight. Thank you Russia!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summertime! Happy June!


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