One of the rescue dogs (Penelope) who was adopted today slipped her leash from her new owners and ran off. We searched the neighborhood and woods for hours in the misty rain, wind and 35 degree weather.

Took a break and after another sighting searched again with flashlights. At one point I was alone in the woods, it felt like Blair Witch Project 2. We stopped just before midnight. She seems to be staying nearby and not crossing the busy parkway close by. We hope she goes back to the adopter’s deck tonight where they left food for her. She will be a tough one to find or catch as she is super scared.

I hope we can find her tomorrow. Sending up a prayer. My shins are aching after hours going back and forth between 30s temps and 70s temps. After some Carmel bedtime tea and Cheerios to wind down, I am ready to sleep, 2:15am, how will I stay awake tomorrow?


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