one week

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve blogged.  The rescue has been very busy – we got in 14 dogs from Louisiana and had a huge adoption event on 3/23.  This week has been full of homechecks and adoptions.  The rescue never sleeps 🙂

Every year my family goes on vacation together and every year I return with a food addiction.  One year we ate ice cream every day, another year Oreos, this year – Doritos.  Yesterday, I consumed a large amount of Doritos, in addition to Starbursts jelly beans and a PB twix bar.  My stomach was not happy.

After some late March snow this Tuesday, the temperature is slowly going to increase.  I’m looking forward to the cherry blossoms! Happy belated spring everyone!

Spring middle garden at the Four Seasons Garden in Walsall ~ West Midlands, England  photo: Four Seasons Garden on Flickr



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