A glimpse

I want a puppy.  Simple, yet complicated.  I waited and waited until I thought it was the right time to venture into dog ownership.  We found the perfect dog at a local rescue.  Her name is Mango, a 2-3 year old Collie Mix rescued from a high kill shelter in West Virginia.  She is so skinny and malnourished.   When the rescue dropped her off at our home, they suggested a foster to adopt.  Turns out Mango is under a year old and is a very high energy puppy. Well…not only was the age wrong, Mango is not house trained or crate trained or leash trained.  We got a glimpse into parenthood and it slapped us in the face.  We did not eat or sleep for days.  I took her out every few hours to avoid another accident in the apartment.  She wanted to play and jump and run and we had no where for her to do those things.  Look at this face? How were we going to give her up, but how were we going to keep her?




A 2-hour hike made no dent in her energy level.  She is the sweetest dog, she leans into you when you pet her.  After days of going back and forth we decided what was best for Mango was not staying with us.  She needs a forever home with a big backyard.   We dropped her off on Sunday, it was heartbreaking to let her go.  After volunteering at the rescue adoption event, a regular foster took Mango to her place on a farm.  I know she’ll be happy there and I’m hoping she finds the perfect forever home soon.  Thanks for reading.


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