my Monday

I ran 2.5 miles this morning! Woohoo!


I finally ate the cabbage salad I bought several days ago.


One of the many things I hate about moving is you have to find new places. At our old place we had our Thai place and Hibachi place and Mongolian place and I had my pedicure place. Phi was my nail technician for 2 years! I had to hunt for a new nail place today. After yelping every nail salon in a 10 miles radius, I finally picked one. Unlucky me, they were not taking walk ins, so I decided to go to the one next to Super Target. The inside is super fancy, the receptionist offers you water or pop. My nail technician was not the best, she dug into the side of my nails and pulled at my cuticles…a few times I winced. I’m going to try a new place next time.





One thought on “my Monday

  1. Looks like it is gonna be hard to stick those cute toes in the shoes to run!
    Girls are doing Frisbee golf today……wish you were here!

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