many hours

I’ve always been a night owl, this translates into sleeping in late on the weekends and always needing coffee in the early hours of the work week. My official blog announcement, I’m moving (not by choice, owners want to sell the place). Russia and I found a 2 level apartment with an unattached garage 30 miles away. The packing and moving has begun. The temps have been in the 90’s with muggy humidity making it feel like 100. Ugh. (I miss ND summers). So to beat the heat, the alarm was set for 5am. We took 2 full loads of Chloe to the new place this morning between 5:30am and 9:30am. We treated ourselves to Bob Evans for a delicious breakfast and stopped by the local antique store, all before noon. It’s amazing how long a day lasts when you wake up at 5am. I did take a hour nap at 4pm. We shall call today: miracle T day! Hope everyone had a great weekend!






One thought on “many hours

  1. Nothing nicer than 5am…….the rest of the world will leave you alone!!! 🙂
    Glad that you got so much accomplished.
    Love you!

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