I just cried like a baby during the season 2 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  Just before Christmas I decided to start the series from episode 1.  I love when the characters were interns and learning, and the writing was witty and funny.  As the seasons progressed, there has been more drama and less joy.

Listening to

My new5 playlist which consists of the new CDs by No Doubt, The Script, Lifehouse, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Carter’s Chord.


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been reading the Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs since September.  I should probably start the book over.  Have no fear, one of my new year’s resolutions is to read at least 4 books this year.  I’m also trying to catch up on my Cosmo and Self magazine subscriptions.

On my mind

I need to write my Christmas thank you’s, read my Christmas letters, and finish my 2013 planner.


What are you currently doing? Thank you Danielle from Sometime’s Sweet for the inspiration for this post


2 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. Watching: Just got home from the UND Women’s Basketball game……..we beat Idaho! Wahoo!
    Listening: to UND Men’s Basketball game……beating Idaho in Idaho by 10 points! Wahoo!
    Reading: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
    On My Mind: Your sweet friend, “C”. Hoping for a better day for her tomorrow.
    Love you!

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