DIY: earrings

Finally another DIY post. I guess I haven’t been very crafty. My ears went on strike for about 5 years, I couldn’t put any earrings in my ears without them getting infected, so I didn’t wear any earrings. After talking to some friends, they told me I had to find some studs and leave them in and put the new earring solution from Claire’s on them every day until the infection went away. I gave it a try with some stainless steel studs and it worked! Surgical/stainless steel is my new best friend. So I got this idea to find my own hooks and charms and make my own earrings. Enter Etsy!


  • Stainless steel earring hooks (I bought from this shop)
  • Charms (I found mine at this shop)
  • pliers




  1. Using the pliers, open the loop at the bottom of the earring hook (next to the ball)
  2. Slip charm onto hook
  3. Using pliers, close loop

Happy earring making!



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